Valentines Special

Copy of This year steal all hearts with ANTHURIUM'S red heart shaped flowers that signify a lasting love and friendship

Friendly Flamingo

This year steal all hearts with Anthurium's red heart shaped flowers that signify lasting love and friendship

Sleeping Beauty

Meet Arrowhead Ivy! This, being our personal favourite, not only brings in positivity but also is a great purifier and guess what? It is known to reduce stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. What better way to express your love than gifting your love a reprieve from stress and a baby sleep!
Our valentine tag for Arrowhead Ivy : SLEEPING BEAUTY

Budding Bonsai

Meet Ginseng ficus! A plant that not only professes unity, new beginnings, simplicity and harmony but also is the best gift for budding love and a chance at a peaceful relationship! Cheers to new beginnings and happy times ahead
Our valentine tag for ginseng ficus : BUDDING BONSAI

Goody-Two Shoes Lily

Meet Ti Plant or Palm lily! A plant that is known to ward off evil, bring in luck and good spirits. Ti is known to bring luck in love and marriage , So what are you waiting for? gift your valentine a Ti this lovers day
Our valentine tag for Ti : GOODY-TWO SHOES LILY