Zamioculcas zamiifolia


The ZZ is one of the very popular rhizome plant that’s a real joy to grow and to have displayed within a home. Attractive appearance, easy to care characteristic and air purifying properties make it a perfect office plant. Known for its wide, dark green fleshy leaves, ZZ plant tolerates neglect, is drought tolerant, and accepts low-light conditions without throwing a fit, making them great desk plants or floor plants.

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The ZZ is one of the most popular houseplants and its dark-green, glossy leaves are something every proud plant parent would flaunt! The oval shaped, waxy leaves make it look flawless and chic. This beauty is not only likeable because of its looks, but is super forgiving and hence perfect for new gardeners. Indirect light, weekly watering and you’re good to go.Its tolerance for low light surroundings and neglect makes it a perfect office plant.

Common Name : ZZ Plant, Aroid Palm, Emerald Palm, Eternity Plant, Zanzibar Gem, Zuzu Plant

Why should you buy this Plant?

  • It is a low maintenance plant making it the gold standard for houseplant beginners and preoccupied office workers.
  • Its waxy, smooth leaves reflect sunlight and brighten rooms.
  • It purifies the air by removing the toxins.
  • Best plant for AC rooms.

Care Guide

  • Apply a balanced liquid houseplant fertilizer once a month when watering.
  • Avoid overwatering as well as underwatering.

Additional information

Plant Type

Perennial, Succulents

Where to Grow

Indoor Plants, Living Room, Office Decor Plants

Plant Features

Air Purifying Plants, Household Plants, Ornamental Plants

Common Name

ZZ Plant, Aroid Palm, Emerald Palm, Eternity Plant, Zanzibar Gem, Zuzu Plant


10 -17 inches


8-20 inches



Toxic Nature

Toxic if consumed. Always wash your hands after handling it to avoid skin irritation.

Water needs

Water when surface of soil seems to be dry (soak and dry method)

Soil Needs


Sun Exposure

indirect bright light


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