Alocasia sanderiana


Its arrow shaped, shiny glossy leaves with white veins makes it a good ornamental plant. Its flowers are similar to jack-in the-pulpit plant.

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Alocasia sanderiana is an exotic looking plant with striking foliage. The glossy, elephant-ear shaped leaves have milky white veinations on a dark green surface. These contrasting colors together make it unique and eye-catching. The plant can be a little difficult for new gardeners to keep happy, but given the right conditions, it’ll be the showstopper in your collection!

Common Name :Kris plant, Elephant ear , African Mask plant

Why should you buy this Plant?

  • Unique, exotic plant to add to your tropical collection.
  • Its arrow shaped leaves adds beauty in garden.

Care Guide

  • Apply water directly after fertilizer.
  • Apply water in morning and evening time.
  • Remove infected, damaged and dead parts of the plant.
  • Use humidifiers, pebble trays and group with other tropical plants to keep the humidity high.
  • Avoid Overwatering.
  • Do not fertilize in winters.

Additional information

Plant Type


Where to Grow

Indoor Plants

Plant Features

Ornamental Plants

Common Name

Elephant ear

Scientific Name

Alocasia sanderiana


15-18 inches


15-17 inches


Rarely flowers, greenish white spathes

Toxic Nature

Highly Toxic

Water needs

when soil gets dry

Soil Needs

Fertile, rich in organic, Well-drained

Sun Exposure

indirect bright light

Special Situation

High humidity required

Wildlife Attraction

Bees , Butterflies


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