Ficus benjamina


This attractive tropical ficus is praised for its variegated snowy leaves along with its popular feature in interior commercial landscaping.

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A tropical evergreen plant with bright, glossy leaves and dark brown stems, Ficus benjamina is often grown as an indoor or office plant. Its stems can be braided to give it an exquisite look and it also makes a great hedge plant after proper pruning. Weeping fig also comes in the variegated variety with milky white and green leaves. The plant needs bright indirect light and weekly watering.

Common Name: Weeping fig, Ficus starlight, Benjamin tree, Nandaruk

Why should you buy this Plant?

  • Its variegated leaves makes it a perfect bonsai plant for living rooms.
  • It is easy to grow houseplant.
  • Best suited for ornamental purpose.

Care Guide

  • Fertilize using slow releasing pellets during active growth.
  • Avoid direct bright light as it initiates leaves scalding.
  • Wear gloves when deal with this plant.
  • Avoid overwatering.
  • Avoid overfertilizing.

Additional information

Plant Type

Perennial, Shrub, Tree

Where to Grow

Balcony & Terrace, Indoor Plants, Office Decor Plants, Outdoor Plants

Plant Features

Household Plants, Ornamental Plants

Common Name

Weeping fig, Ficus starlight, Benjamin tree, Nandaruk

Scientific Name

Ficus benjamina


10 -17 inches


8-20 inches



Toxic Nature

Sap of ficus is toxic

Water needs

Water when surface of soil seems to be dry (soak and dry method)

Soil Needs

Humusy soil, Well-drained

Sun Exposure

indirect bright light


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