English Ivy


Owning an English ivy (Hedera helix) is like getting a Valentine every time you look at it: The plant produces multitudes of heart-shape leaves that come in a variety of colors, from dark to light green, as well as variegated forms. Growing and nurturing English ivy at home can be very rewarding. After all, who would not want to watch the wonder of nature unfurling at your home and getting accolades for it.

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English Ivy is a popular evergreen vine, which grows as groundcover, or climbs up architectural structures all around Europe. It has glossy, uniquely-shaped foliage and grows very fast. Variegated English ivy is popularly grown as a houseplant due to its elegant, rustic appearance. The plant looks very aesthetic in minimal settings and can be styled on poles, arches or can be allowed to cascade down. 

Common Name : Ivy, English Ivy

Why should you buy this Plant?

  • Easy to grow plant.
  • It is an excellent air purifier known for clearing the toxins from air and mold particles from indoor air.

Care Guide

  • Use the fertilizers in spring season.
  • Prune it regularly to limit its height or make it grow to a desired length.
  • Use gloves while pruning or watering the plant and wash the hand thoroughly after this.
  • Avoid overwatering as well as underwatering.
  • Avoid using fertilizer during winter or when plant is growing leaves.

Additional information

Plant Type

Evergreen, Perennial, Vine

Where to Grow

Indoor Plants, Living Room, Office Decor Plants, Outdoor Plants

Plant Features

Air Purifying Plants, Medicinal Plants, Ornamental Plants

Common Name

Ivy; English Ivy

Scientific Name

Hedera Helix


15-18 inches


8-20 inches



Toxic Nature

Toxic when indigested. It may also cause skin irritation and it is advised that to use gloves while pruning or watering the plant and wash the hand thoroughly after this.

Water needs

Even moisture

Soil Needs

Fertile, Well-drained

Sun Exposure

indirect bright light


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