Bunny Ear Cactus


This Flowering cacti species with thick pads adorned with fuzzy glochids gives the resemblance of fur of bunny and grow in earlike pairs. Even a novice gardener can learn how to grow these angel wings and can enjoy the furry appearance without a typical houseplant fuss.

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This flowering cacti species with thick green pads adorned with fuzzy yellow or white glochids, gives the resemblance of the fur of a bunny and grows in earlike pairs. Even a novice gardener can learn how to grow this cute little cactus and can enjoy the furry appearance. The plant loves bright, direct sunlight and just like any other cactus, is drought tolerant.

Common Name : Bunny ears; Angel’s wings ;Golden Bristle cactus ; Polka dot cactus

Why should you buy this Plant?

  • Its bunny like ears with pricky polka dots make it a perfect eye-catching decorative cactus.
  • Gives soft furry appearance with fuzzy short bristles.
  • Perfect cacti species for a novice plant parent.

Care Guide

  • Water the soil instead of watering leaves directly.
  • keep in indirect bright sunlight.
  • Apply any organic nitrogen rich fertilizer once in a month.
  • Avoid peaty fertilizers and excess organic contents to the soil.
  • Avoid placing in suffocated areas.

Additional information

Plant Type

Perennial, Shrub

Where to Grow

Indoor Plants, Outdoor Plants

Plant Features

Household Plants, Ornamental Plants

Common Name

Bunny ears; Angel's wings ;Golden Bristle cactus ; Polka dot cactus


5-7 inches


5-6 inches



Toxic Nature

Mildly Toxic for pets

Water needs

Water when surface of soil seems to be dry (soak and dry method)

Soil Needs


Sun Exposure

Bright Shade, indirect sun


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