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Oozing Bonsai

Bonsai is a Japanese word that literally means ‘tray planting’. All the plant and tree lovers at some point of time have desired to own a bonsai. Leave them, even the person seeing the bonsai for the first time is bound to fall in love with it.And there I believe in “the love at first sight”!

They are so unique that you can’t take your eyes off them. And the saying that beauty fades with age! Bonsai proves it wrong!

As old as a bonsai would be more prepossessing it will appear. The great example of it is the oldest bonsai that exist. “FICUS BONSAI tree” reportedly 1000 years old along with “The Japanese WHITE PINE BONSAI tree” around 400 years old that survived Hiroshima atomic bomb blast tragedy, are themselves a site to be appraised of.

Trees like Banyan, Peepal which are known for their giant size and big roots are also available in form of bonsai. Isn’t it amazing to watch a tree lowering your eyes which otherwise you would have seen with a tilted neck along with ache!

Bonsai is an art dating back to 2000 years and preserved till date and seen giving birth to skeptical art pieces. There variety doesn’t end. Here you may even own the bonsai fruit trees!

Imagine your balcony filled with a variety of fruits that are organic smelling fresh and are so colorful like a Da Vinci’s painting. That would be worth all the money you would invest in buying them. And who will stop you from having those tiny, cute fruits from your bonsai every day in the breakfast, lunch, dinner or whatever time you feel like having them? And if you are really passionate to see a bonsai grow, have the seeds for bonsai fruit trees.

Learn the amazing art of transforming a tree into bonsai. Well for that you must have a lot of patience. Let LeafyPouch do this job for you! While sculpting a bonsai you need to take a lot of care but then when it’s done all in the order you will be pleased to see the result.

Let’s give it a try, have a bonsai and then keep appreciating its oozing beauty every day.

Sonalika Singh

(Chief Writer)

The Equator

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