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Make Your Home Office More Lively with Plants

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With the pandemic still in full swing, most of us are working from home. This push for work from home has opened opportunities for more flexible lifestyles in the future and has also increased productivity. But employees are finding out that line between their personal and work-life blurring, this combined with isolation and frustration, has hurt the mental health of employees.

Plants are well known to have healing effects on the mental health of their owners. Evolution might be attributed to why we like spaces with plants over ones that don’t as we have learned to associate plants with peace and tranquillity. Studies have shown that indoor plants have a soothing effect on psychological and physical stresses. Plants have been linked to reduced symptoms of dementia and depression. Engaging in gardening activities and being near plants in general help with these.

Indoor plants have even been attributed to increased productivity. Having walks in green spaces help in reducing symptoms of Attention-Deficient-Disorders. Workspaces like offices and classrooms with indoor plants have a positivcrease memory retention, and improve memory retention.

Here are some plants we recommend for your desk to make work from home less dull :

Devil’s Ivy ( Epipremnum aureum )
This plant with large, glossy green leaves makes an excellent home decor plant. It can also be planted into a hanging basket/pot to cascade off the edge.

Snake Plant ( Dracaena Trifasciata )
This plant provides artful and creative interests to home. Apart from being easy to care and a symbol of positivity, it posses unique health benefits.

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