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Gardening Tips for Plants

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A good Gardener takes care of plants as if they were his/her children. So, today’s article will be about taking care of your precious green friends which are literally dependent upon your care. A lot of people unaware about the basics of gardening end up destroying their plants. So, to take good care of your garden there are some Do’s and the Dont’s:

Sunlight and water: Proper sunlight and water are always the first thing to ensure.Beverages are not allowed: Avoid drops of sweet drinks of tea or coffee near the plants as they invite ants and flies.

Not a good traveler: Plants tend to adapt to their surroundings so don’t regularly keep changing the location of pots.

Over-love is dangerous: In an attempt to take good care of plants the beginners usually end up over watering the plant which causes more harm than good. So, if not sure about water then under-watering is better than over-watering.

Understanding the needs: Some plants have different needs than the others and might need less water and more sunlight, while some others need comparatively a more of both the sunlight and water. So, always decide the location of plants on the basis of their requirements.

Deep Love: While planting always ensure that the roots are buried deep enough to access water and nutrients.

Little ones are fast: If you are not patient enough and want to see your garden getting green sooner, then go for the small plants as they grow faster and require less support.

Feel the soil: A good gardener doesn’t water plants every time but keeps a check on the moisture level of the soil, only when the moisture dries out you should water the plants.

Trimming is good: It is considered a good practice to trim the old ends of the plants to lessen the weight and support new growth in a plant.

Fertilizers are not must: If you don’t know much about your plant then don’t just blindly use manure instead ask for help from experts as there are different kinds of manures and plants as well.Home Sweet Home: Try to replicate the natural habitat of a plant in order to see a better growth.

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