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What we do ?

Want to make your balcony your safe space where you could relax after a long tiring day? Imagine and we’ll make it happen. The right look will give you that snug and cosy balcony you could only dream of till now! 

“I hope that while so many people are out smelling the flowers, someone is taking the time to plant some”

-Herbert Rappaport


See The Difference For Yourself

WhatsApp Image 2020-11-03 at 00.19.19green potted plant on brown wooden table


Work, live and relax around nature. We'll get you that cozy outlook you dreamt of and so much more


Imagine and we'll make it happen! Help our experts shape, design and customize your dream decor.


Plants could indeed be a handful and since they form a major part of our designs, we'll help you get through the maintenance phase.


Get your dream decor at rates that won't burn your pockets. Guaranteed quality and easy EMI options are just the icing on the cake.

Loads of Options

Gallery Decor

Want to make your balcony your safe heaven? The right look will give you that snug and cosy space you could only dream of till now! With just the right number of plants, handmade props and warm lighting we can give that aesthetic punch to your balcony at a price that won’t put a dent in your account.

Terrace Decor

Open spaces like terrace and balconies connect homes with the natural world, so why not give it a snug decor? Make your terrace the perfect hangout spot with just a few add-ons and minute changes. Our team will help make your Pinterest decor boards a reality and not just a dream anymore.

Office Decor

Give your employees the benefit of a stress free, warm and welcoming space instead of a stuffy cubicle to work. A cozy green office is just the mood lifter you never know your employees needed. A relaxing space works like magic on the productivity and our team helps you get just that and a lot more.


Landscaping enhances your garden’s outlook by adding ornamental features to its existing design. Our team helps give that much needed makeover to your piece of land by adding several features. From shrubs and trees, plants and ornamental stuff, to the perfect lighting, we’ll add anything and everything you want included.

Gym Decor

Gyms are synonymous to fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but so are plants. Give your gym that aesthetic outdoor feel with some natural purifiers and see the magic happen. Get that ‘added extra’ to make your space stand out. Let our experts back you up while you customize to your heart’s content!

How We Do Things


Let us know what, how and where you want everything and we'll make it happen.


Let our team size up your space and work on a 3D model which we'll follow only after your approval. Stay involved in the whole process.


Fret not! We guarantee a fast installation that will be completed within 15-20 days. We'll be in and out, and you won't even notice!


Let us handle the maintenance for you. We provide a 15 day free maintenance period along with paid extended maintenance facilities for as long as you want!

So what are you waiting for?
Every plant deserves a home;

Get your home its soul plant now!