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BREATHE FRESH With Air Purifying Plants

Each one of us wants to spend our holidays in Hills or Mountains just to inhale fresh air and see greenery all around. But we don’t want to leave the comfort of our sweet home. Hence, end up sleeping in bed till late in the morning.

But, if that’s the sole purpose for you to plan a trip then I say, stay home and enjoy! With some new green, fresh buddies! Get some air purifying plants!!

Not just they will save you the money of expensive trips that you plan just to rejuvenate your system but they will also be an add on to the beauty and class of your home. It’s not necessary you need to have a balcony or a garden for them. These Air Purifying Plants can accompany you everywhere: hall, kitchen, bedroom, washroom, tabletop etc., basically anywhere and everywhere it soothes you. And LeafyPouch is all set to provide you with the best of it!

Air purifier plants not just purify the air for you but if you opt for an aromatic one, then you don’t need room fresheners. Also, what can be better than natural and pure. They will be the best buddies who would care for you, value your money, handle your mood swings, refresh your mood, keep you healthy hence prove to be the best indoor plants.

Few of them are so adorable that you won’t stop admiring and staring them. Though their names are a little complex to remember but who cares! Unless you really want to boast yourself in front of your guests.


Aglaonema-costatum and spider plant are the two most famous and common among people but there are more to explore and are fit for an elegant gift for anyone irrespective of the occasion and gender. We also desire to keep a pet but then some of us are too busy with their schedule that we fail to give proper attention to them but here our green buddies fit in. They need very less of your attention and also are not demanding or throw tantrums at you.

In a nutshell, go green, have a green buddy and pamper yourself !! Go, get some Air Purifying plants on LeafyPouch.

Sonalika Singh

(Chief Writer)

The Equator

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