About Us


Who We Are ?

We are a bunch of plant lovers trying to spread some love for the green around the world!

Plants have always been humanity’s little saviours, the superheroes in green, who remain underrated till date. Now, don’t mistake us for some activists of the Green Movement, because we are just normal beings who aim to make gardening a trend around the globe.

What We Do?

We, as a team, try and connect plant lovers with some plants that demand love. We understand that there are folks out there who won’t mind being parents to some baby plants and that they just need to find the right nursery to provide them with the green babies they want. So all we do is act as a buffer between the right nurseries and, of course, You!

We get your pet plant to you in the safest way possible, that too at a reasonable rate.

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Our Motivation

We are a bunch of plant lovers trying to spread some love for the green around the world!

Most of us being urban dwellers living the days in multi storey apartments have limited access to greenery and parks. Undoubtedly, this has escalated our love for nature.
The past decade has seen a mounting number of people trying to ‘Go Green’ by setting up rooftop gardens and installing plants on their porches, making the cities a little greener as the days go by.

While everyone is set on adding a little green to their lives with each day, it is, in fact, not an easy task to purchase the right kind of plant for your home. You can’t go blindly buying and installing plants, for every plant requires different care and surroundings to grow.

Ordering a pair of shoes is easy but ever heard of ordering a plant at your doorstep?

This is where Leafypouch comes in!


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We understand that not everybody lives in a building facing the sun or has space by the windows, not everyone is born a gardener or has enough time to spend gardening. Keeping all this in mind, we not only provide you with plants to suit your home environment, but also help you with the proper care and the do’s and don’ts. With one click, pick a plant that’s meant to adorn your home, know not only the plant description, but it’s suitability, precedence, care and a detailed chart on any additional information you might need to know about our plants.

So what are you waiting for?
Every plant deserves a home;

Get your home its soul plant now!